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Last chance to question
US Dirty Bombs for Iraq?

Dai Williams, independent researcher, UK

7 February 2003

A slide show presentation warning of the suspected use of Uranium weapons in Afghanistan and in the proposed war on Iraq. 1500+ tons of Uranium weapons may be used within the first 48 hours of a major air attack. It will be too late to ask these questions after war has begun.
The weapons, health and safety hazards to civilians and troops, and immediate international arms control priorities are listed.

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This presentation is based on investigations since January 2001 into secret warheads developed for hard target guided bombs and missiles used in the Balkans and Afghanistan. These are described in two Eos reports with links to original Internet sources:

1) Depleted Uranium weapons 2001-2002: Mystery Metal Nightmare in Afghanistan? January 2002 available at http://www.eoslifework.co.uk/du2012.htm

2) Uranium weapons 2001-2003: Hazards of Uranium weapons for Afghanistan and Iraq. October 2002, available at http://www.eoslifework.co.uk/u232.htm

Table of Contents

Last chance to question US Dirty Bombs for Iraq?

2 basic questions

What is the secret dense metal ? Hard target warhead metals & alloys compared:

Dense metal warhead uses & hazards

Sizes of known & suspected Uranium warheads

Internet sources used for weapons, combat, health and environment data

US Patents confirm Uranium warheads

23 suspected Uranium weapon systems

Combat use of suspected Uranium weapons

Weapons & health in Afghanistan - October 2001-January 2003

Weapons with known or suspected Uranium warheads to be used in Iraq

Feared US Dirty War scenario for Iraq

5 international arms control priorities for suspected Uranium weapons

Further information

Email: eosuk@btinternet.com

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